Dr. Donna Marie Muzzicato
Artist  Biography/Statement

I was one of those hippies sitting on a cold park bench at Washington’s Square in NYC during the late 1960’s. I sold “abstract” oil paintings that were designed with white adhesive tape borrowed from the nurses’ office and available acrylic and oil paints from the art studio at the college. The largest and most expensive painting sold for $30 which paid for one college credit for one semester. Those were the days! Perhaps, if you find a D. Wilson’s original oil painting, please contact me directly.

I have been seriously painting and studying art for the past ten years. My first painting was a “healthy” African Bird. Since my retirement as a central office school administrator in 2009, my artworks include still life, horses, birds, historic places, land and seascapes, and a self portrait. In 2010, I had a solo art exhibit at Laurita Winery featuring over original 50 oil paintings, giclées, and note cards. In addition, I established a web site, exhibited at local businesses and libraries, and worked various arts and craft shows.

Artist Statement

A Purpose of Life

  A purpose of life,
A breath of air,
A tasted smile,
  A sensual touch
    A picturesque sight of elegance and grace
  Such harmony –
  A purpose of life.
                                           Quiet Thoughts, 1979

A Purpose of Art

The purpose of art is thinking outside of the box,
           It is speaking the universal language of art.
The purpose of art is inhaling color fragrances
And seeing it through and through.
It is listening to the harmonic sounds in nature
And feeling the musical beat of art.
Such emotional ties—
  A purpose of art.
                            Unpublished, 2012

  I prefer oil painting on canvas because this art medium is “forgiving” and the painting is “open” until varnished. Oil painting allows me to visually communicate a “picturesque sight of elegance and grace” as noted in, “A Purpose of Life” in 1979. “A Purpose of Art” is a result of my personal experiences throughout life. My ultimate goal is to invite you into my artwork, whereas, we may speak silently the universal language of art. Nature is “forgiving” and “giving” as oil painting; it senses truth in dimensions with such harmony.

  I strive for color depth in a painting—beginning and end, dark and light, moving or still, quiet or loud. The common thread is emotional beauty of nature captured in color. I experiment with various techniques and struggle to keep emotions and senses in the color spectrum. 

  Currently, my work includes oil paintings of characters in my children’s book, “All About Trip”. It is about an adopted national champion Bengal, Legacie Power Trip of Sunnicas. He desperately wants to return to the cattery in California. He discovers that he has the ability to transform himself or “crossover” into the oil paintings, thus he uses this special power to find his way back to the cattery. He meets many birds and horses throughout his journey. 

                                      Dr. Donna Muzzicato, Ed.D. (Ret.) School Administrator